"There's a song I love to sing every Christmas time. 

My mother taught it to me and my sister sings in harmony. 

Since I was young it's always been one of my favorite times we share.

The candles burn, the church is full and we sing a song of Jesus' birth.

Precious times. Silent night. Sacred words. Peace on earth." 

The above is part of my arrangement of "Silent Night (Moments Like These)," and describes one of my favorite Christmas moments! It's been a tradition for as long as I can remember for my mother, sister and I to sing that sweet song together as a special at church. My mom always sings a beautiful counter part by Ira B. Wilson. I love the lyrics! 

"Neath the silent stars,

The town is sleeping.

Flocks are safe within the fold,

Secure from danger, want or cold.

Silent, silent night,

Holy, Holy night,

Sleep in peace,

Sleep in heavenly peace.

In peace."

Being one of my favorite Christmas songs, I had to include it on my EP. But, instead of singing the counter part that my mama always sings, I wrote my own personal story into the song. AND THEN (spoiler alert!!!!) I actually was able to have my mom and sister sing with me on the recording!!!!!! SO PRECIOUS TO ME! AND THEN (spoiler alert #2!!!) I included some audio from last year's Christmas morning on the track as well.

Basically, this song is my musical Christmas journal entry. It packs such an emotional punch for me, that it's like listening to Ray Charles' "That Spirit of Christmas," or Mariah Carey's "Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)." I can't get through those songs without a tear! 

I'll sum up with some lyrics from the bridge that I wrote… "There's nothing like family at Christmas time, nothing like the gift we have in Jesus Christ. There's nothing like the memories and hope the future brings, and nothing like the moment when we sing…Silent Night!"

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