My original inspiration for this song came from watching the personal experiences of a few women that I love so very much.

I've never been a mother and certainly never have experienced the journey of desiring a child that never seems to come. It seems more and more that I hear stories of women being denied that desire and their journey can only be described as excrutiating.

Thankfully and wonderfully, there came a happy ending for more than one of my special girls and I wrote a song telling the story of waiting, longing, surrender, and joy. Immediately, so much of it paralleled in my mind the overwhelming emotion experienced by young Mary as she cradeled her new baby, the Savior of the world.

Of course there is so much of Mary that we don't know, so this is my imagination of what she might have sung over him. I thought of her savouring the moment of him being a little one, just wanting to rock hìm and at the same time being aware that while she carried him, he was the one that would bring true life.

The song is a sort of lullaby, but one also filled with praise.

As Christmas approaches, and we think of our Jesus as a baby, I hope we are all moved to say, "Thank You Child." 

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