Ok! Lots going on!

First of all you're invited to come to the "Very Merry Kerrie Christmas Show" on Dec 17th at 7pm CST. Get tickets here. 

Also, there are Christmas bundles available...get signed "Thank You Child" Christmas EPs, T-shirts, jewelry and "Thank You Child" Christmas prints. Included in the bundles are tickets to the show and a meet and greet. Check out the bundles here. 

I'm SUPER EXCITED about the handmade "LOVE MERCY HEART" necklaces available in the bundles. I hope to have them sold separately as well very soon!

Most importantly, let's make sure we are taking the extra time to thank our Savior for His LOVE and MERCY and HEART. And as the year comes to an end, make an extra effort to SHOW His LOVE and MERCY and HEART!!!!!!

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