Finally Home Countdown #4: Heat!

So as I left the studio tonight after starting to record a Christmas song, I complained that it felt like winter. I’m in constant need of a sweater. I started my suburban, aka “The Beast” and looked at the outside thermostat… 73 degrees. It doesn’t sound cold, but to a South Fl girl, that’s winter time weather. I miss super uber hot weather!!!!!!!!

I miss this:


And this:


Palm trees, water and the feeling of humidity wrapping me up from head to toe in a  warm comfortable blanket, are all synonymous with home for me. As far as our ultimate home goes, I know most of you are cringing at the thought of eternity being spent in high humidity, but for me, that thought puts a smile on my face. (I wanted to write “Bring on that soggy air Jesus!” but my roommate, Danielle, says that’s just weird.)

Anyway, writing these blogs are making me miss everything about home!!! And I’m getting more excited to go there and visit! And I’m getting excited about this single going to radio!!!

Haven’t heard it yet? Click here to listen to “Finally Home.”

And remember to listen for it on your local station on May 10th, and tell them you love it if you hear it, and tell them you want to hear it if you don’t!

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