You know that moment when you break out into the weirdest dance moves ever while you sing things that aren’t even real words? And no one even notices because it’s just kind of something that they expect from you, and don’t even think is out of the ordinary?

That’s just a small glimpse of what I meant when I wrote, “I miss the feeling that I belong, surrounded by the love that I know at home.”

A bigger picture, would be just the knowledge of being unconditionally loved. There is literally nothing I could do, decide, or mess up that would change the level of love and acceptance that I have experienced every day of my life. I know this is rare and there aren’t words to express how grateful I am for it. I also know that this is a result of a family operating under the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

Here are the lyrics of the song… they describe my personal missing of home and how our ultimate home in heaven will be a place of love, rest and knowing our God in a more complete way than we ever have before.


Finally Home


I miss the feeling that I belong

 Surrounded by the love that I know at home

I never get to stay long

I might stop, but I then I gotta move on

When I’m not there, there’s a craving in me

An ache so strong that I can’t believe

There’s a place that’s better

Where I’ll spend forever


When I’m finally home

And I finally know

What it really means to praise his name

What it feels like to know amazing grace

And there’s no more road

Nowhere else to go

Nothing left to miss

Nothing left for this wandering soul

When I’m finally home


I’m reminded again and again

I live in this world as a stranger and

As good as it’s been

Or as bad as it gets, it all will end

I want to stand where hope and faith and love

All meet in one face

Oh, I wanna be where I can see

What I now believe


The ultimate healing

Where hurt can’t reach me

I won’t need to find every answer

All I need will be found within your presence


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