Sooooo it’s an exciting day. Today you can here my new single, “Finally Home” on your local station! I appreciate your support!

Here are my final 3 things I miss about home to conclude my countdown to “Finally Home” starting to play on radio.

#3 Sunday mornings

Growing up, as a family we were at church Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wed night and most days in between just being with the parents as they get work done.

But there was something always so special about Sunday mornings. We were there early… a quiet sanctuary, empty pews, everything fresh and clean and ready for the people to arrive. The silence was quickly broken though by singing…warming up, last minute practicing and before you know it, the service has begun. Daddy ALWAYS starts ON TIME.

And Sunday morning rolls along with Mom at the piano, my sister and I singing and my brother playing an instrument. I can look out at the congregation and tell who is there and who isn’t by taken attendance by looking at the pews. There are no assigned seats, but everyone has picked their favorite spot that they occupy every week.

We sing. Dad preaches. It’s a family thing. We love each other. We love the church. We love our God. We love the people. And it’s a good day.

It’s amazing to have grown up that way. And now as I travel, I get to see congregations all over this country worshiping God. One of the biggest blessings of the Love Come to Life tour was the worship at the end of the night…getting to watch the people love and sing and surrender with smiles or tears on their faces. It’s a beautiful thing and just a glimpse I think of what heaven will be…lots of people from all over the world with very different cultures and ways of worship, all in one place for one purpose.


#2 Sunday afternoons

Now when I was younger, Sunday afternoon was the family at home, dinner and then nap time. Lovely!

Now with nephews and the family ever larger and louder, Sunday afternoons are a bit chaotic. My oldest nephew calls Sundays “Marmi’s house day” (the boys call my mom and dad Marmi and Pop).

Sundays are one of the hardest days for me to be away. I know everyone is all together and I’m missing church time, I’m missing the madness of  Marmi’s house time and missing laying on the couch with the family puppy, Bogie, curled up in the bend of my legs. Being away also makes you aware of how precious moments are when you are lucky enough to be there.



What I miss the most about home, is everything… from my mom’s orchids, to the smell of my dad’s cologne, the sound of his footsteps coming done the stairs, the rugs on the floor, the piano in the living room, knowing my brother and sister are just a drive away with their incredibly loving spouses and irresistible boys that I love so much that it aches.

With life so good, honestly it’s hard to imagine what ultimate love will be in an eternal setting… until we’re finally home, let’s make the most of every moment and show his love, show his mercy, show his heart every chance we get.