Finally Home Countdown: #7 My Brother

So if my brother sees this, I’m already prepared to get into “trouble” for writing about my sister first, but I’m ok with that. Big brothers are good at giving little sisters a hard time, except my relationship with my brother has been mostly sweet and not so much teasing. He’s 10 years older than me and I’ve always looked up to him. I remember him teaching me the formula for the speed of light when I was in elementary school. I prided myself in being able to recite it. (I can’t remember it anymore though.) When he moved an hour away to go to college, I would be so excited when he would come home for the weekends. (He would tell a different story of me immediately taking over his bedroom when he left.)

As I’ve grown up, my brother has always been a place to find wisdom and loooooong conversations. I love it when I’m home and I’m able to be at his house and we share our weird humor and no one else is laughing in the room and eventually everyone is asleep but us (both major night owls) and we just talk forever. He’s the type that only says something he thinks is worth saying, never just making noise to break the silence. And while he’s extremely supportive, there have been some pivotal moments in life when he’s told me to get my head out of the clouds and put my feet on the ground. There is no lack of reality checks with the Roberts men.

I love my brother. I miss him. I love the way he loves me and the honesty we’ve always shared. Maybe when I’m home this time, we’ll actually make it to the range, or to the lake, and enjoy some of his favorite things (besides being with me).

Recently, both my brother and my sis had new babies! Here are the 3 of us with the little ones.

It’s kind of interesting how these blogs have turned out. I didn’t plan ahead, just had a spur of the moment idea to count down to the single being released to radio, but I’m enjoying reminiscing, sharing with you, and also getting more and more excited about being home some this summer!!

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