Finally Home Countdown #8: My Sissy

Right now I’m backstage at the Love Come to Life tour and I’m on the phone with my sister. She is the most amazing friend anyone could imagine having. I remember when I was younger, how I was literally attached to her at the hip. I would be so upset when she would go on dates, so I would just go with her! We would sing and dance in our room, outside…everywhere… that hasn’t changed much actually.

Through moves and her getting married and living in different places, we have always remained incredibly close. I can tell that girl anything and know she’ll laugh with me, cry with me and whatever I need her to do with me… my sister will show up, I never doubt that.

At the end of the month, I’m going home. I can’t wait to just be in the same room with her and feel the calm that’s there when you are certain you are known and fully loved. 

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