Hmmmm, so I might not be very good at this blogging every day thing…but I’m going to keep trying! Here’s my continuing list of what I love about home as we countdown to my new single coming out!

Finally Home Countdown #10 and #9

Safety and rest.

On the road, on my own, I pretty much always have this feeling of being on the look out. I’m never completely relaxed and there’s ALWAYS SOMETHING I NEED TO BE DOING. I have a hard time unplugging, my mind is racing and it’s really hard to just make being calm a priority. That’s called life. I’m sure everyone can relate to that.

But when I’m home, at my parents' house, suddenly there is nothing to worry about. If something happens, I already know there is someone stronger than me around. I actually even find myself just falling asleep on the couch because my body slips into such a peaceful state. This is one of my favorite things about being home. I know I’m safe. I know I’m taken care of. It’s so precious to me. 

 Heaven is called a final resting place. And while I’m sure a lot of what we imagine heaven to be (especially in popular culture) might differentiate from actual reality, we do know that our Holy Father will be there. We do know that in his presence, nothing else will matter and we will be completely safe to rest in his love.  

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