The first single off of my upcoming album “Time for the Show” is called “Finally Home.”

This song was born out of my feelings of homesickness. I’ve been away from home for a while now, but somehow, being on the road, a different city every day, began a stronger ache in me than ever before to experience the rest and safety of home. I then also started to think about what heaven, our ultimate home means to all of us in that we will finally be in a place where we will no longer need to wander and we will no longer be missing out on anything. I can't wait for you to hear this song!

So in exactly 11 days (on May 11th), "Finally Home" starts playing on radio. I would love it if you could show support in contacting stations if you hear the song and want to hear it again, or if you don’t hear the song and would like to, then contact your local station and request it!!!

In leading up to the song hitting the radio, I’m going to post one thing every day that I miss/love about home. Would love to hear your stories about what you love about home as well!

Finally Home: Countdown day 11

Mama’s biscuits and gravy. She makes them from scratch. Breakfast has always been one of my favorite meals and I prefer to NOT eat it in the morning (or do anything else in the morning). A lot of times when I’m visiting home, mom will make a huge breakfast for dinner and the whole family will come over. Such an amazing thing. I never take those moments, or bites for granted.