Just checking back in. Thanks so much for sharing with me on the website and on facebook about your thoughts and experiences with the song “Take You Away.” I didn’t really even think about bullying and how someone going through that would relate to the song. I’m always interested and am so thankful when you guys share with me. Thank you!

So, my “Take You Away” story (like everyone else) could be different every day. I often refer to my family as the greatest safety net anyone could ever have. Without them, I would never be brave enough to try and “jump/fly” as much as I do. So they will always get the constant credit for that.

Lately tho, I’ve been especially thankful for my roommates. I made a big change in Jan by moving into a house with 2 other girls. I LOVE my space, my alone time, my weird hours (like making pancakes at 4 am), so I didn’t know how not living alone would go for me, but it’s been such a blessing. I’m thankful for their emotional support, in their listening and their help carrying all my HEAVY stuff. Sometimes when I’m tired and returning home from the road, the idea of carrying all my boxes of cds and t-shirts and display stuff alone is so daunting! It might seem trivial, but help like that can make my day! It’s amazing how much the simple things, whether a word or a gesture can make such a huge difference- in a good or bad way.

I love the verse Philippians 4:5, “Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.” It’s so easy to forget how fragile we all are and how much power we have within us to either build or tear down one another.

Just my 3:00 am thought for the day :) Thank you to everyone who has been listening to the record… I hope your heart is impacted and that you keep sharing with me! I would still love all the “Take You Away” stories I can get (and for you to request the song at radio of course)!!