On Oct 26, 2011, love came to life at the most magical place on earth, YAY!

Ok, so obviously who doesn’t love Disney, but I LOVE Disney (LOVE fairy tales, LOVE all that, um see proof in the music in the song “Rescue Me,” it’s all about the wishing for happily ever after and such.

On our most recent day off from the Love Come to Life tour, I got to be in the magical world of wishes and wonders with Big Daddy Weave (we missed you, Luminate!)

There’s a lot about Disney that inspires me- the fact that one man had an idea and has impacted the world at the magnitude that he has, the attention to detail at the park- even the things most people won’t notice- there was still thought and effort put forth to make it the best it should be. All the details matter! It’s worth it. I want to do that too!

So since it was such an inspiring day, I thought I would share it with you.

Here is the band and the crew … chillin’ eating lunch.


We started in Animal Kingdom and went on an African safari, visited Asia (found the Yeti), we went to Hollywood Studios and rode the Tower of Terror twice!!


Then, we were off to the Magic Kingdom. At first sight of the castle my whole body starts radiating excitement… um, this doesn’t happen a lot for me in life…it’s just not the way I’m wired. And when we got in the park I was sooooo amped, I couldn’t even think of subjecting the guys to all my very high pitched “eeeeeeeehs,” sooooo I high fived them all and ran through the park by myself. As Mike Weaver said, my happiness meter was peaking...in the red.

Lines were short. Sun was just right.

Space Mountain. Yes. I thought of my Dad (who if you know me, you’ve been impacted by him, by his sermons that have turned into my music. I love you Daddy!). He took me on my first ride of Space Mountain when I was a little one. I could picture his face and exactly what he would look like as he rode- the look of enjoyment. He makes this face when he’s driving his bass boat too…

At the Haunted Mansion, my flip flop fell off as the Disney employee lowered my safety bar…my shoe was lost forever into the abyss of scary nothingness. No worries… at the nearby Frontier Post I was able to get some Mickey Mouse flip flops for free with a magic coupon I procured from a chick in the mansion...um, excuse me, but my shoe is GONE! And I can’t go thru the park like this:


Then Thunder Mountain. Yes.

Splash Mountain….by now it’s night time….PERFECT VIEW of the castle right before you go over the top….. YES!

Then it’s time for the parade. I enjoyed the light show, which were pictures of people from the day in the park…from the present, and then through the years. Ok, I don’t even know these people and I’m crying. Little kid voices are singing “Wish Upon A Star” and it was KILLING ME!!!


Then the fireworks happen…more crying. I got to see what a dissonant chord looks like if it was written in lights in the sky…behind a castle.

The medley of music and stories of all the tales/movies that I love played through the park. SUCH amazing scores, with the fireworks timed perfectly (putting the Bellagio fountain to shame). It was all about wishing, all about hope. All about the possibility of a happy ending and the people stood there completely sucked into the emotion and spectacle of the moment (my phone was dead by now…no more pictures).

The message, is to believe for the sake of believing. We wish on a star. We hope for a fairy god mother. We look beyond our circumstances and HOPE- because we must, because so much of reality is so harsh and we NEED a break, craving relief.

I am thankful. I am thankful for the truth, that there is more than believing for the sake of believing. There is a Savior worth serving….living for… there will be a rescue…ultimately.

Wishing you all the peace that comes with that truth and that you’ll have a magical day/life!!!!!! (if only I could bottle what a day in Disney does for me! EEEEEEeeeeeh!)