Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to sing.

She never grew out of this dream.

She also happened to love “Once Upon a Time” type stories and never grew out of that either.

THEEEEEEEN, she wrote a song with Rob Graves (@robgrav3s) about these happily ever after type things and it was used in a promo for ABC’s show “Once Upon a Time” (see previous post).

THEEEEEN, the song was released on an EP with four other songs, two of which you have already heard (“No Matter What” and “Beautiful to Me.” But these are new, acoustic versions of the songs. AND, get excited…there are two other brand new songs for you as well. One is called “Without Love” and the short synopsis is, that’s it’s 1 Cor 13. The other is “Lovable.” It speaks first to the truth of all our worth- our worth in that we are and seen and sought after by a loving God and also speaks to the power we have with our words and the choice we make every day to build each other up instead of tear each other down.

So…. I don’t know how the story ends….but if you want to hear part of the sound track, click here: