The last few weeks/months have been encouraging and busy and full of travel, which I love.[1]

 Radio promo has been great.  I love meeting new people. I love seeing so much of the country in such a short time. It’s been FOREVER since I’ve been back to the Midwest since my family moved from there (Newark, OH). And even though I would never eat spaghetti on top of a hot dog, it still puts a smile on my face to see Skyline Chili everywhere and see so much Buckeye apparel being worn.

West Coast was great and I got to hang out for the first time in Portland and Seattle. I fell in love with Portland’s Powell’s Book Store. I could (and did) just spend hours and hours there.

Of course being in the Southeast made me soooo happy. Even if I don’t get to be home, when I’m just in the state of FL, I can breathe easier.

I’ve also had some very quiet moments and I’m so thankful for those as well. Even though the album is completed, I’m still writing as much as possible- that process makes me so happy. So when I have the time, it’s all I want to do (and watch So You Think You Can Dance (honestly grateful that full episodes are FINALLY online)).

The next step is touring and I’m excited for all those plans to come together!

Just want to say thanks here too. There have been so many facebook and myspace messages, tweets and such all filled with so much encouragement. Thank you!!!!

[1] The following are exceptions to when I love travel: 1. When I’m car or plane sick. 2.  When the man’s elbow next to me takes up the arm rest and half the space in my seat. 3. When I’m stuck beside an incessant talker. 4. WHEN I HAVE TO WAKE UP EARLY!!!!