So, this is going to be my little place to reflect on the past, present and future.

I am constantly looking behind me and obsessed with pondering what is to come. I sometimes get out my old journals and read where I was this time last year. Time is always moving too fast and I always feel behind. And as I look at where I am now, I feel like it’s been a long journey to the starting line.

I was the little girl with big dreams and I never grew out of them (mostly because my parents never told me I had to and always did EVERYTHING they could to support me). And through so many years of waiting on the next step, and keeping myself busy with teaching music for 1st-3rd graders, after school drama programs for 1st-8th grade, substitute teaching, accounting, and background singing for Engelbert Humperdinck, I never stopped writing, performing and recording. Keep in mind my performance venues ranged from church stages to writing nights at clubs in NY, Miami and Nashville, Calle Ocho street festivals and with Engelbert all over the world (including my favorite, the lovely Sydney Opera House) and some super special performances in Walmart parking lots. All the time I knew in my heart what I so desperately wanted to do.
The point is this… if you are fortunate enough to find something/anything you are truly passionate about and have the aptitude to achieve it, don’t ever let it go. You never know what a day might bring you… or what a long stream of days that turn into years can bring you. Sometimes you literally have to take it one breath at a time.