Hello my sweet sweet friends!

As usual I find myself writing to you and thinking how long over due it's been. 2015 was beautiful and I've loved meeting you and sharing with you on the road and also enjoyed building relationships online. This past year in particular has been very sweet in that way. I've met some major prayer warriors and am so thankful for the ways we can support each other over miles and through time. 

I have several announcements to make...one of which many of you are aware of if you saw me on the road, or were on the live Facebook chat with me a few months ago. My husband and I are expecting a baby girl!! REALLY SOON! She's actually due on Feb 14th (sooo close)!!!! 

This past year, traveling while pregnant added a whole new level of adventure to say the least! Thank you to everyone who was so encouraging and helpful and especially to those who have continued to keep me and my family in your prayers. 

Some of you have reached out asking about my website and what tour dates I have coming up. Let's just say, updating my calendar is on my list of things to do!!! I am ABSOLUTELY still available, willing and excited to come be a part of your events, to lead worship and to speak. For those of you who have already booked me, don't worry if it's not showing up yet on my site, I WILL SHOW UP! HA! All booking inquiries can be sent using the contact form on my website kerrieroberts.com/contact.

My heart and passion has not changed a bit! And while I know that life is definitely going to change in ways I can't imagine God has always been faithful to put whatever I need into my hands when I just keep them open towards Him. 

So besides starting a new year with a new baby girl and in a new place (to add more excitement to the mix, my husband and I have relocated to my homeland of FL), there will be NEW MUSIC!!!! 

I have a few new singles coming out these first few months AND am starting to work on a new full length project. YAY!!! I'm so ready for that!!

As for right now, you can download the song "Upside Down" from my website (Sing-Along track also available) that I wrote for the American Heritage Girls last year. What a super cool organization! Check them out if you're looking for a Christ-centered, faith-based, scouting-type program. Other singles will follow shortly :)! 

As always please keep in touch. It encourages my heart when you take the time to write or post. It always blows me away to think that we are connected by love, His truth and music. I don't take it for granted that I am privileged to live my life the way I do with so much freedom in my faith and expression. 

Lots of love!! 

A few more favorite moments from last year.....