This is your invitation!

An invitation to COME ALIVE!

I am so excited to finally release my new single "Come Back to Life!" I have been so encouraged already by the response to this song FROM YOU whenever I've performed it live and I truly hope that it's a catalyst for healing in people's lives.

At the heart of the song is a calling out to everyone going through the trials of everyday life and also to those dealing with depression, living in a dark place or even battling with thoughts of suicide. The plea is for a realization, that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, is still available to us! WE CAN ALL, "Come Back to Life!"

The song will be available for purchase on April 25th, but you can start listening and SHARING it now by watching the video. CLICK TO WATCH!

"Come Back to Life" will start playing on your local Christian radio stations on the same day it's available for purchase on April 25th! It's NEVER too soon to start telling your station that you're excited about a song! That would be the greatest support to me, for you guys to reach out to your station and let them know you want to hear them play "Come Back to Life!"

Thank you again for sharing this journey with me! It's going to be a great summer! You can check out my calendar to see where I'll be at I'd love to meet you out on the road!

PLEASE keep messaging me on Facebook and Twitter. I love having conversations with you, and just sharing life as we go!