Thank you Cross Rhythms for the love!!

Reviewed by Lins Honeyman

Like its acclaimed eponymously-titled predecessor, Florida-based singer Kerrie's second album is yet another powerhouse piece of work that highlights the sheer talent of one of CCM's top notch artists. Whilst the overall feel of this album is very much in the X Factor diva vein of Leona Lewis or Alexandra Burke thanks to an expertly-delivered big vocal style and some radio-friendly material, reality show comparisons can be put to one side on account of Roberts' ability to create something that will have a longevity far beyond any fickle fame restrictions. The general dance-tinged nature of this release is typified in the thumping title track and the stirring "Sing" which will appeal to mainstream ears and radio bosses alike but Roberts is careful to not sacrifice meaningful lyrics for the feel good factor and bravely tackles some of the thornier aspects of faith in these co-written songs. For instance, "Masterpiece" and "What Are You Afraid Of" cover low self esteem issues and irrational fear respectively whilst the thought-provoking "Not Real Yet" deals with insecurity without ever sounding maudlin and offers up Jesus as the solution without ever sounding clichéd. Elsewhere, Roberts' sublime vocal dexterity is showcased in the big balladry of "In Your Sight" and the upbeat pop of "Wake Up" before closing this stunning release with the tender song of worship "Like Jesus Loves".