Tonight, the Love Come to Life tour got to be a part of the memory of Ashleah and My Ashleah. (check them out My Ashleah is a nonprofit cooperation that was founded in 2009 after a 48 year old drunk driver slammed his pickup truck into Ashleah’s vehicle, tragically claiming her life.

I just finished my set, Mike’s Chair started playing and as I exited, I saw Cassandra, Ashleah’s sister. Her eyes were full of tears and mine immediately filled. I don’t know what it is to lose a sister. I do know what it is to have a sister that is ABSOLUTELY a part of me. And my heart breaks for this family. I am also inspired by the way they have chosen to turn their pain into action and education and how they cling to their faith.

I came back to my room and called and left a message for my sister, Kim… telling her I loved her and was so thankful for what she is in my life.

And now I’m writing this 1- to encourage you to not take a moment for granted. Please love fiercely in this life. 2- to share the mission of My Ashleah. Their mission is simple “It’s about true change in ones heart in making the one right decision not to drink and then drive.” They are dedicated in bringing true awareness through educating people about this epidemic that claims an average of twenty eight lives a day. On average, someone is killed by a drunk driver in the US every 31 minutes.

Be passionate about the way you love, the way you live in truth and the way you encourage others to realize the sanctity and preciousness of life. 

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