I’m currently in the studio working on the new album. YAY!!!! I know it’s bad for me, but Mt. Dew is a really close friend to me right now. REALLY close. And chips and salsa.

Studio time is going lovely and is COMPLETELY insane. Starting next week, I’ll be in the studio every day with producers Rob Graves and David Garcia. We are going to get this project done in the next few weeks! 

All of the songs are written and decided on, and I’m sooooo very excited to share these new songs and stories with you. I’m hoping for them to be a reflection of a passionate life that’s being lived centered in truth and love and vulnerability. Thank you for all of you that have been a part of my story this past year. You’ve inspired me and supported me with your love and prayers. And you’ll be able to hear how much in a few months (album will be coming out in the summer)!!! 

I still need LOTS of prayers… for health and strength. The recording process is intense and then jumping straight into tour with Big Daddy Weave and Mike’s Chair. Get excited!!! Check out www.kerrieroberts.com/calendar for dates. There are lots of them! So keep us all in your prayers for safe travels and healthy bodies and minds AND for the Big Daddy Weave guys to not play too many jokes… like putting stuffed bobcats named Kathy in my bunk  :) 

This year is already FLYING right now. I haven’t even had time to really sit down and let my trip with Food for the Hungry to Bolivia sink in. There’s a lot to digest there, but what I can say right now, is that I’m encouraged, challenged and happy to be associated with such an INCREDIBLE organization. 

Ok, so break time is over. I just am overflowing with sooooo much going on and wanted to check in. I can’t wait to see you on the road for the Love Come to Life tour…starting March 1st! See you soon!!!

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