Hello friends!

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer!

All has been going well with me…keeping busy traveling and singing and my favorite, meeting more and more of you! Thank you so much to everyone who has shared time with me these past months. Thanks for coming out, singing with me and sharing your stories. I love hearing about the music coming along with someone and becoming a part of their journey.

There have been some interesting adventures on the road (as you would expect) and I love sharing them with you.  

Here’s a little video of some behind the scenes/random moments with me and my friends/players at Rock the Coast in Muskegon, MI. It was a great time!

Something else cool that I got to be a part of this summer was the Miracle Hill cycling challenge with HIS radio in South Carolina. NO! I did not get on a bike. I’m still alive aren’t I?

It was a really cool day. Ok, actually it was a BLAZING HOT day, but cool in that I got to learn about one more amazing organization that is helping to change lives. You need to check out www.miraclehill.org

Picture 7.png

Here’s a pic of Rob Dempsey from HIS Radio.


He rode106.8 miles in the mountains that day. CRAZY! He has an amazing story. You NEED to read it, so click here. http://robdempseyradio.blogspot.com/2008/01/my-story.html

Stay tuned. More summer fun videos and pics to come soon!