Hey everyone! I hope everybody’s summer is getting off to a great start! I’m super excited about this summer, and a big part of it is because I'm visiting Brazil again! I went there for the first time last November and was so overwhelmed by the passion of the people and the beautiful land, interesting graffiti and crazy traffic. Experiencing other cultures is one of my favorite life experiences. It was just an incredible trip. While I was there, I visited radio and TV stations and performed and was just so thankful for the support and excitement that I witnessed there.

In the past I’ve traveled internationally and performed, but never in support of a project of my own and definitely not having experienced such an emotional response. Something I loved about the audiences, was their reaction to anything I said to them in Portuguese. Mostly all I could pull off is “obrigado” which means “thank you” or “bejos” which is their affectionate way of saying “kisses.” I was so inspired, that I wanted to be able to sing to them in Portuguese, and am soooo excited and pleased to say that dream has come true.

I wanted to share with you this version of “Keep Breathing,” that is sung half in English and half in Portuguese. I put together a little montage of pictures and video of my time there as I visited different stations, venues and churches. It’s such a beautiful country full of passionate hearts and I’m so happy to know that I’m returning soon. I’ll be there in June and I can’t wait!!