In a way nothing has changed, I still get up in the morning/afternoon after staying up all night and do whatever it is I do that makes the time fly so fast. There is practice time, day job time, traveling around, a LOT of talking about myself/the music, not enough writing, or sleeping or eating “good food”… But I still pretty much feel like me (my car is still an absolute trash pit…must clean it out before I drive it home and my dad sees it… I’m still obsessed with anything on TV that has to do with dancing, I have pb&j at least once a day, I’m addicted to hot drinks and Advil…yeah, still me).

On the day the album was out, there was a bit of excitement in the air, but what made it so special was how excited my family and friends were. I was getting texts and emails all day and pictures of them with the product finally in hand. Finally. FINALLY!

I’ve been saying this day would come almost ever since I could say anything… I had a friend from Ohio write me and say she had pulled out her 8th grade year book and I had signed it that she would hear me on the radio someday. “Someday” is now and I’m still waiting for that to sink in.

So all my days of dragging around my Fischer Price Radio and Mic In One (not to mention one gazillion church services, weddings, wedding receptions, gigs, and hours spent memorizing jazz vocal solis with correct syllables.(For example “It’s ‘dot,’ not ‘dah.’”), are finally paying off.

I was recently in Grand Rapids, MI for a fund raiser. It was Christian Family Bookstore’s James Fund Gala (The James Fund, helps meet the needs of orphans and widows. Check them out ). I stood side stage and while the prayer was said, I took my place behind the microphone and I was overwhelmed with the realization of how many times I had done just that. I’m so thankful for that. I’m thankful that I feel fully prepared for what is in front of me.

Radio/media promotion tour is great. I love to travel in the sense that I love being in so many different places. I HATE to travel because it very often makes me nauseous. I hate tiny planes and curvy roads. I also found out that I am pretty sensitive to high altitudes as well when we visited Colorado. Yay!!

Next step, and I keep saying it, is getting on the road and I’m excited to meet so many of you face to face. Thanks for continued support and for sweet words and sharing your stories. I think maybe I should change the title of the album to “Songs To Cry To,” and I love that. I always enjoy listening to music that allows what’s inside of me to come out. So much of this project is for the broken. I hope the music fills you with hope and the desire to know ultimate truth.