Measure success with the heart of the Father, not the eyes of the world.

...Just to be clear, I'm SPEAKING here, I would never do that with my hand while singing :) 

...Just to be clear, I'm SPEAKING here, I would never do that with my hand while singing :) 

Today I was able to share with some folks about what it means to me to be an independent artist at a delightful conference. I LOVE sharing my story, my passion and hopefully being an encouragement to follow your dreams above and beyond what others believe you can accomplish. You're not in any person’s hands. Define your success beyond human perceptions!

Hmmm, define your success beyond human perceptions.

As long as you're succeeding in a way that looks "normal," that isn't really a concept that you think of very much. 

The fear of failure is something that has always haunted me. Not disappointing God or my parents or my family… I’m very certain of their unconditional love. I’m afraid of disappointing myself. What if I don’t live up to what I believe I’m capable of or what I have always dreamt I would be?

Well friends, I think for most of us, we all have that thing (or things) we can point to that doesn’t quite measure up. I think it’s ok and healthy to be able to point to it, as long as we move on. Let’s not build a house over it and live there miserably punishing ourselves.

For me, I was “supposed to be” a mega famous diva, not in a bratty diva way but in a “man, she sings her face off” sort of way.

While I am blessed enough to still have opportunities to “sing my face off,” I’m not famous. I actually have no hope for that. And what is even MOOOOOOOOORE amazing is that I no longer have any desire for that.

Check the news for a long sad list of people who have succeeded in that way but failed in LIFE in LOVE in building something beyond their own ego. It’s not just a secular symptom. While  I know a litany of incredibly devout Christian artists who truly serve and sing from the heart I’ve also seen more than I would like to of those who I can’t really tell what their motivations are, but they loooooooove the spotlight and for now it’s the name of Jesus that gets them there. I find that shameful. (That goes for pastors too….and that’s a little random ramble brought to you by Kerrie.)

The point is this, grow where you’re planted. Open up your heart and your hands and hold tight to what you know God has placed in them, keep striving, AND BE SATISFIED.

1 Corinthians 3:7 “So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.”

I’ve held very tightly to this verse through days of very uncomfortable and even painful transitions in my life and in my heart. I challenge you to really meditate on the truth and let it sink in and when you do, more than anything, you feel peace and joy grow.

So here’s to building a LIFE, one that goes beyond earthly desires, one that reaches into the eternal, one vibrant with love because we’re investing in people instead of just our bank accounts and to do lists, one that measures success with the heart of the Father, not the eyes of the world.



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So far I've posted acoustic performance videos for "My Heart's Lifted" and "The Broken Ones." Have you seen them? Have you SHARED them?!?!

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The Joys of Traveling...

So here's a fun travel story... while my least favorite flying experiences are still the ones about being aggressively patted down (or the moment like right now when people are loudly having a conversation across 5 chairs....JUST SIT NEXT TO EACH OTHER!)...anyway, today will be a travel story I remember as well.

I don't travel light. I always have so many electronics (laptop (or two, external drive, tablet, sometimes an interface). But I take them all out of my backpack (along with my bag of liquids for makeup and another bag full of essential oils). I left my tablet in my bag this time, sometimes this is ok, but OF COURSE by bag was pulled aside and I went to the little "Examining table." I still didn't realize my oops until the TSA agent pulled my multi tool AND my new knife from my dad out... OOPS. At least my pepper spray wasn't in there, or anything else!!

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I'm a HUGE FAN of YOU!

Today I met a New York Times Bestselling Author. That doesn’t happen every day! And I am SUCH a fan! I drove 2 hours to sit and listen, get a book signed, take a picture and even give him a gift of my CDs. I am the definition of a fan of Rip Esselstyn.

He’s a a former firefighter and triathlete and is a health activist and food writer. He wrote “The Engine 2 Diet” (which I bought and read), “My Beef With Meat” (which I bought and read), and is a collaborator with Whole Foods Market for the Engine 2 Plant-strong product line (which I eat). He’s an advocate of the whole-foods, plant-based diet, that avoids meat, fish, eggs, dairy, oil and processed foods. This movement has had a tremendous affect on my life. I know I’ll be missing some names here, but Rip is a part of my food family, along with greats like his father,Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MDDr. T. Colin CampbellDr. John McDougallDr. Michael McGregorDr, Dean OrnishDr. Pam Popper. The list goes on and on. But I spend time with these people. I read their books, their blogs. I’m on their sites. I watch their youtube channels, subscribe to their email lists. Whatever they’re putting out, I plan on consuming because I believe their message is one of truth. And as my Daddy says, “Truth is truth 100% of the time.” Our facing or ignoring the truth doesn’t change its message or affect on us.  

My food journey is long and winding. I was in an abusive relationship with cheese (as Rip says)... aren’t we all? I LOVED Mountain Dew. When I lived in New York I ate a turkey club AT LEAST once a week and Of COURSE greasy pizza. Growing up and into adulthood… three words… biscuits and gravy!!!!! YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!! I get how emotional food is, how it attaches you to the people you share life with and now most importantly I know and am understanding its power to shape your future self. Will that self be the healthiest and strongest possible best you?  

I’m really spending so much time these days talking about this way of eating and way of life, I’m pretty convinced I’m going to start a new page on my website dedicated just to all things health and food. And I’m SOOOOOO excited about that. And to all of you who follow me closely, this isn’t a surprise :)  

So today was GREAT! Rip was informative, gracious and super real. And I’m thankful as a fan to have been able to meet him! Thank you Rip!  

But right now as I (once again) proclaim my fandom for all things “plant-strong,” I want to VERY LOUDLY proclaim my fandom for YOU! Being a fan myself today gave me an extra potent dose of gratefulness for the special ones who are there for me.  

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has EVER taken the time out of your life to drive to a show, who has purchased my music, listened and learned the words, who has let me into your life, your car, your living room. Thank you to everyone who has liked my Facebook page, followed me on Twitter or Instagram, subscribed to my Youtube channel,  and watched and shared a video. Thank you to the ones who go the super extra mile and host a show/makes shows happen. THANK YOU for coming to speak to me after shows, for sharing your stories and tears and smiles with me, for wanting to take a picture, for bringing me heartfelt presents and letters. THANK YOU for open hearts and attentive faces and eyes when I’m sharing from stage. I see you. And your faces give me strength and joy and inspiration. Thank you for wearing t-shirts and wristbands and my handmade necklaces, for coming to online shows and hang outs. Thank you for posting on my page, my website, tweeting me and writing me emails. I need your encouragement and prayers. To everyone who sends and emails me letters, I read every word you write, and while I might be the slowest person on the planet in responding to you, I always have intentions of writing you back, and I will!

Thank you for letting me be vulnerable and real about my life, my thoughts, my faith, my questions, and my fears through songs.  

All that to say, I consider you my FRIENDS and I am a HUGE FAN OF YOU!  Thank you for supporting me when I had a record deal and when I didn’t. Thank you for listening to new music even when it’s not on the radio. Know that while you are letting me into moments of your day and life, that you are part of my day and life as well. And know that I still have SO MUCH MORE to say and sing and share :) It’s going to be a big year and I’m glad I have friends like you to be with me along the way.  

So keep in touch with me via all the ways listed above and let’s keep journeying together.  

With so much love,

PS- For those of you that want to know more about eating plant-strong, check out these AWESOME resources. And keep a look out for more in depth food posts… you know you love them!! (or love to hate them ;)

Read Rip Esselstyn’s books! “The Engine 2 Diet” and “My Beef With Meat” Check out his site! 

And don't forget.........

My Heart's Lifted Available on Dec 16th on iTunes!

"My Heart's Lifted" 

Coming to iTunes December 16th!

Hello sweet friends! Just an exciting reminder about my release coming up! The digital version includes 5 new songs PLUS acoustic versions of all the songs AND an extra radio mix of the single, "My Heart's Lifted" for $5.99. If you haven't heard the single yet,CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!! CLICK HERE TO BUY!!

Please don't forget to talk to me on Facebook and Twitter. I LOVE being able to keep in touch with all of you. I'm excited to hear your favorites on this new project!

Most of all I hope that your hearts are full of hope and wonder during this Christmas season. It still blows my mind to think of God's plan and how He brought love to us!!

Lots of love!

Also, I'm enjoying creating and sharing lyric videos from the new project. THANK YOU to everyone who is WATCHING and SHARING!

"My Heart's Lifted!!"


Title Track Available Today On iTunes BUY IT HERE!

Soulful pop vocalist, songwriter and pianist Kerrie Roberts independently releases amidst acclaim her highly-anticipated, five-song EP, My Heart’s Lifted, Dec. 16 from The Fuel Music. The recording features Robert’s high-energy pop styling and emotive, powerful voice carrying themes that take the listener on an emotional rollercoaster ride that mirrors real life and are meant to lift hearts toward what is most important, eternal and unchangeable.


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New EP, "My Heart's Lifted" AVAILABLE NOW!!!

New EP, "My Heart's Lifted" AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Read Kevin Davis' Review from New Release Tuesday!

Heals Your Heart
Posted August 30, 2014 
By kevindavis, Staff Reviewer 

When I first heard “No Matter What” by Kerrie Roberts, I was immediately hooked by the inspirational and personal message. The line that really connects with me is: "Before A Heartache can ever touch my life, it has to go through Your hands." God wants us to know that when we face those fiery furnaces in our lives we need to rely on Him. Her last release Time for the Show was one of my Top 5 Albums of 2013.

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"Prayer for a Warrior"

"Prayer for a Warrior"

Did anyone read the Lion Of War series by Cliff Graham? I devoured those books! 

They are fiction, but are based on the battles of the Biblical warrior poet King David and his band of brothers, who came to be known as the Mighty Men. These warriors came to David in his most desperate hour and fought with him to claim the throne he was destined to fill.

I'm super happy/excited/proud to be a part of the "Praise and Arrows" album. It's a compilation inspired by the novels.

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Choose Life! Happy Easter!

Choose Life! Happy Easter!

It’s gloomy out today...a little cold and overcast, but I know Sunday is coming. The forecast is sunny and a high of 79 degrees! I’m looking forward to having that light and heat kiss my face (but not for too long, because I’m terrified of sun damage).

Today is a serious day. I woke up feeling the weight of it. My eyes get teary when I try to grasp what this day must have been for the ones that saw our Lord give himself over to suffer and die.

I’ve been working while sitting outside on the porch all morning (in a sweater with a hood, a blanket and cranked up space heater), with the budding trees and singing birds as my company. As I go through my to do list, I’m alternating my soundtrack between the Portuguese version of “Come Back to Life” that I’m learning and the soundtrack to the most recent movie version of “Jane Eyre.”(Thank you Dario Marianella for the beauty you put in the world (click to listen). Also, I experienced this completely joyful moment when at one point a little birdie was singing a perfect counter melody to the orchestra.)

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