Find your local Christian radio station

Enter your zip code below and click "Find Nearest Stations".

This will open a new page with a list of the stations nearest to you. 

Zip Code

Calling your local station


Click the "i" icon next to your station. On the next page you'll see the station's phone number. Ask them to play True North!

If you don't get through, that's ok! Leaving a message is great. Just let them know you want to hear True North by Kerrie Roberts!

Asking on Facebook / Twitter


Click the call sign for a station near you. On their page you should see either a Facebook and Twitter logo or "Contact Us" page. The link for "Contact Us" is usually at the bottom of the site in the small text.

Each site is different so yours may be different than the one in the screenshot.


It's best to call, if possible, and here's a few suggestions of tweets, Facebook posts or emails to send to them!



Please play @KerrieRoberts #TrueNorth! I love the message and the music! Perfect summer jam!



Can you please play True North by Kerrie Roberts? The message and music is just what I need to hear!